Our Staff

Our Staff



Mrs Cris Hull 

       Deputy Principal, SENCO 

Mrs Kay Kendall

        Art Teacher and Technology 

Ms Sue Walsham

Syndicate Leader 

       Foods and Fabrics Teacher  

Mrs Lisa Snook

Community of Schools  'Within School Leader'

           Hard and Resistant Materials Teacher

Mrs Toni Ristic

Kakano Hub  

 Ms Amy Charles

Year 0-1 Teacher

Mrs Deb Rei    

 Year 2-3  Teacher, 
 Literacy Leader, 
 Community of Schools  'Across Schools' Leader'                               

Mrs Kara Foster

Year 2-3 - 0.4 teacher

Room 5

Miss Emma Sweeney

Year 5- 6 Teacher,
Sports and PE coordinator

Room 8   

Mrs Sandra Moonsamy

Year 4-5 Teacher

Room 6  

Ms Bobby South

Year 7-8 Teacher

Room 7  

Mrs Teressa Watts

 Year 7-8 Teacher, 
 PB4L team leader.

Room 9 Puawai                   

Miss Anya Berlad

Year 2-3


Admin / Office Mrs Jennifer Foy Admin
Learning Support Bessie Attwood Teacher Aide
Learning Support Trish Holmes Teacher Aide
Learning Support Bronwyn Polwart Teacher Aide
Learning Support Richard Bester Teacher Aide
Learning Support Kirsten Garbutt Teacher Aide
Learning Support Amanda Robbins Teacher Aide

          Kapa Haka Specialist Collaboration and 
        Leadership and Listening groups

Matua Selwyn Herewini